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Confidentiality Notice to Members and Service Participants

Staff and volunteers at Soft Echoes,, and parent companies, will keep confidential all information communicated to them by survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and/or coronavirus and cancer utilizing Soft Echoes services. This confidentiality agreement means that:

  1. We will not disclose to any other person or entity whether we have had contact with you or provided services to you, or, if you are a domestic violence/abuse victim member, whether or not you are residing in any one of our supported shelters;
  2. We will not disclose to any other person or entity information or materials that you have disclosed or given to us or that we have disclosed or given to you.
  3. We will oppose any subpoena or other legal effort to obtain this information from us, when you have not authorized the release of this information.

There are some exceptions to this confidentiality.

Please read the full 'Privacy Policy'.